Way to Speak English Professionally

Speaking in English is very important today. When you go to other country, most language that probably you’re gonna use is English. Then how important it is the way you speak English? What are the methods on how to speak English that really work? Before we do, we first need to talk about how humans learn. This is important because if you have some basic understanding of how we learn, you’ll be able to distinguish good learning methods from bad ones.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of learning. The first type of learning is called explicit learning or conscious learning. This is the type of learning where the learner knows that he’s learning something and also what is being learned. One example of explicit learning is studying grammar. When you listen to an English teacher explaining the past tense, you’re learning English explicitly by consciously memorizing how to use the past tense. The second type of learning is called implicit learning or unconscious learning. In implicit learning, the learner doesn’t know what is being learned. Oftentimes, he’s not even aware that he’s learning something. The learning happens unconsciously. One example of implicit learning is listening to a conversation in English.

When you listen to a conversation, your main goal is not to learn English but to understand the conversation. But by doing the activity, you’re simultaneously learning English. You may not realize it, but you’re learning many aspects of the English language. The sentence structure, the grammar, the vocabulary, and so on. So we can learn English in two different ways, either explicitly or implicitly. Think about these, just like there are two types of learning there are also two types of knowledge. Explicit Knowledge and Implicit Knowledge. Explicit learning results in explicit knowledge whereas implicit learning result to implicit knowledge. These two has a big difference. Accessing explicit knowledge requires conscious thought. You have to think about the knowledge in order to use it, while implicit knowledge does not require conscious thought.You don’t have to think about the knowledge in order to use it.