Why Company Should Speak English

Companies should have a common language to be use, and that is English. What is the benefit for companies of having a common language?

Well, companies need a language strategy, especially if they have any type of global aspiration when you have an employee base that spread across the world, across geographies, across national boundaries, you need to findĀ a way to get them to communicate and how do you do that if you don’t have some form of language strategy or common language. What’s happening to today is that companies are very quickly starting to adopt English as a common language. They’re doing that in order to serve customer s, in order to have better partner relationships and their competitors are doing it as well.

You should have made the case that English should be the common language. English is actually the common language of business today and so when talk about language strategy oftentimes. It is interchangeable with the English language and it became the massive head being embedded around the world. Companies with a global strategy need a language strategy. Anytime you are extending beyond your domestic place and you are interacting with people, with different language backgrounds, then you need a language strategy if a company is focused domestically.

It becomes less important but what company finding is customers are getting spread around the world. Language strategy seems like the kind of thing that could rub people the wrong way if they have a strong sense of cultural identity and you are asking them to learn another language for their job that seems like sensitive issue. That is exactly one of the reason that companies need to be very thoughtful. Determining their language strategy is also implementing it because this is one of the toughest most radical things a company can ask their employees to change a language.