The 15 reasons why you should learn a second language

There are many reasons that can be given why a person should learn another language. Since we learn how to talk, we learn our own language and we come to speak it. In school, we also learn what is our official language as it is the one that is widely used as a medium of teaching. Before we learn to read and write, we first learn how to speak. Naturally, babies learn to speak what their parents or those who care for them speak. Let us learn what is the importance of learning a second language.

The video gives the many benefits of learning a second language. It is not just for yourself but for understanding others and learning to communicate with them. When you travel to another country, you come to be able to use and speak your second language if it is their official language. If you want to study abroad then it is goo if you already learn their language in advance so you would be able to adjust faster. You can also gain higher potential of landing a job especially in big companies who have branches in other countries.

You can also use it as your first step to learning another language. They say you can learn more easily another language if you have already learned one. When you learn also a second language you can be able to understand their culture and much more about them. you can even watch movies from that country. The best food serving can be experience in this restaurant known in Asia. You can visit their website and look for their delicious food menu here, – 推薦. I forgot to mention, their website is in Asian character.