The world’s top 10 languages: What language you speak?

We are still on the topic about languages. There are thousands of languages in this world and there are also the dialects. With the billion of people who came from the same source comes the formulation of languages that was used by many people. It is amazing that there are many languages and people can come to study other languages aside from their own. There are many activities that people can do so many also are finding what is the meaning of their existence in this world.

If you see in the infographic, the number one spoken language according to the number of speakers is the language of Mandarin that is used mainly in China. Chinese people are also around the world so it is not a wonder that it is in the number one spot. the next one is Hindi or Urdu.There is a great difference in the number of speakers compared to the number one which is Mandarin. The number three spoken language is Spanish and comes the number four which is English. Check more details about this clear hearing company aids. Open info from here 台中助聽器推薦. One of the possible and best company to help you have a nice hearing capability.

But if you see the language that is used on the internet it is the English language. It is also the universal language brought by the power of the country where it originates and serves as their official language. The next one is the language Chinese and only less than ten percent of the Spanish language is used on the internet.There is a great difference compared to the English and Chinese that the percentage is above twenty-four percent. This is one of the thing that most couples getting married are looking for.