The 4 hardest languages to learn for English speakers

Every person can have their own level of learning and apply it. When we go to school, there are those who can easily pick up the subject. They can even explain it to the class but when it was my time during chemistry class I cannot understand one lesson even if our teacher repeatedly explained it to us. My comfort was that I am not the only one who did not understand the lesson. Only when we listened how our classmate explained could we understand it.

It is the same when I am studying another language. I say to myself I will learn another language and I was even encouraged when I read somewhere that the good way to exercise the brain is to learn another language. I was very excited and enthusiastic at first but when I cannot get the correct pronunciation and keep on forgetting it, I just give up. Now I am contented that I know the English language and can speak it. The English language cannot be found in the infographic because it is for those who are English speaking already.

There are factors that affect the ability of a person to be able to learn another language. It may be easier if it is on the same continent or neighboring countries. It is in the infographic that English speakers have difficulty learning Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The three of it is in Asia, here is for you . Maybe there is a relationship to it.