The 4 hardest languages to learn for English speakers

Every person can have their own level of learning and apply it. When we go to school, there are those who can easily pick up the subject. They can even explain it to the class but when it was my time during chemistry class I cannot understand one lesson even if our teacher repeatedly explained it to us. My comfort was that I am not the only one who did not understand the lesson. Only when we listened how our classmate explained could we understand it.

It is the same when I am studying another language. I say to myself I will learn another language and I was even encouraged when I read somewhere that the good way to exercise the brain is to learn another language. I was very excited and enthusiastic at first but when I cannot get the correct pronunciation and keep on forgetting it, I just give up. Now I am contented that I know the English language and can speak it. The English language cannot be found in the infographic because it is for those who are English speaking already.

There are factors that affect the ability of a person to be able to learn another language. It may be easier if it is on the same continent or neighboring countries. It is in the infographic that English speakers have difficulty learning Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The three of it is in Asia, here is for you . Maybe there is a relationship to it.


The jobs you can get with the foreign language skill

Because learning a second language is quite hard that it takes time, effort and much hard work to be able to do it so many people are not that serious in learning one. Only when there is enough reason for motivation can a person exert effort to learn it. Then what are the reasons that a person should learn another language? Browse the other articles in this website and find the one that answers this question. You will find that there are many reasons and it is not just for work.

The video above presents the different jobs that a person who has a foreign language skill can have. He explained well about planning how to use your skill and at what extent will you be able to accept a situation to be able to use your foreign language skill. Before doing everything, you need to understand first and plan what would be its use to you and how will you use it so that you will not end up being frustrated as those who did not use what they have learned as shared in the video.

Watching the whole video will let you understand much and you can be able to organize your career plan and also your life. Do you want to go abroad and teach or apply what is your existing profession? What would you want to do with the language you will learn and where can you use it? Since you are looking for something that will help you as you work hard and earn money to save your future, try to apply in a  life insurance. A long term 長照險推薦 company that gives good benefits to people to take care of their health and life. They use to be a good company that literally helps you when you are in need and this is good to hear, by the way they have an Asian character website as you can see.

The 7 quick tips(the best ways) to learn a language

As time passes by, learning a second language becomes a necessity for people who want to learn and also earn in other languages. Many people now go abroad for many reasons but I think that the top two reason is that people go to work there and to study. Then we can now see and immediately the imp[ortance of learning a second language. How can a person be able to work well if they can not understand each other in a common language? He can be able to lose his job. Let us see then the best ways to learn a language.

The number one tip given is that you should take it seriously when you learn another language. Even if you will just use it for your travel but it can ruin your trip if you did not study well and just say what you can remember. you might not be able to remember well that can let the conversation be meaningless and it can offend others. The second tip is that get first a grammar book than phrase book. It was explained in the video why grammar book first.

There are more tips in the video so it is better you watch the whole so you can get all the tips and understand them well. Others use different methods like listening to the music in a language they are studying. You can explore on what method or tips suits you well and go have fun in learning!


The world’s top 10 languages: What language you speak?

We are still on the topic about languages. There are thousands of languages in this world and there are also the dialects. With the billion of people who came from the same source comes the formulation of languages that was used by many people. It is amazing that there are many languages and people can come to study other languages aside from their own. There are many activities that people can do so many also are finding what is the meaning of their existence in this world.

If you see in the infographic, the number one spoken language according to the number of speakers is the language of Mandarin that is used mainly in China. Chinese people are also around the world so it is not a wonder that it is in the number one spot. the next one is Hindi or Urdu.There is a great difference in the number of speakers compared to the number one which is Mandarin. The number three spoken language is Spanish and comes the number four which is English.

But if you see the language that is used on the internet it is the English language. It is also the universal language brought by the power of the country where it originates and serves as their official language. The next one is the language Chinese and only less than ten percent of the Spanish language is used on the internet.There is a great difference compared to the English and Chinese that the percentage is above twenty-four percent.Your wedding becomes more lively with the theme color that. Jasmine wedding colors makes every detailed of your wedding theme just to make it more remarkable wedding. This is one of the thing that most couples getting married are looking for.

The 10 known least spoken languages in the world

Language is one of part of the identity of a person. Sometimes when you listen someone speaks his own language you can pinpoint from what country he came from. From that same language, you can also have understanding bout him. Language is very important as it is the way to communicate with other people to convey your emotion or what you need and want. There are many things that can come pout from the language and it is important that you learn what is your country’s official language.

It is interesting those people in the countries that only one of them speak a language. If you speak but no one understands you then you come to use the language that they can understand. We can now understand why a language can go extinct. Maybe there is also the influence of the world development. People becomes practical so they now learn what would be beneficial to be able to survive on this earth. If we cannot use something then we can be able to forget it. It is the same with the language that if we do not need it then why would we learn it?

It is amazing to know that from very few language comes a thousand of language. In the whole world, we can know that most of our origin came from groups of a tribe that have spread from one location to another spreading all over the world to populate it. Languages have become the product also of that human activity. The wedding is a very special event in our life. As we see some brides who get married, you feel very happy and waited for that moment also to happen in your life. Most women cannot wait for that thing to happen, as it is one of the best happenings in our life.

The quick facts about the Turkish language and its people

Understanding something about another country is can be challenging if you want to know about it in detail. You may need to be able to stay in that place to be able to actually understand it as compared to just reading something about it. One of the things that are not easy to do is to learn their language. There are languages that are easy to learn and if you stay in that country long enough then you can learn the language. It is opposite to others that even if you are exposed to it for a year you cannot speak well the language.

Turkey is a country that is not that popular to other people but this country has its own power that can affect other nation. The country is rich with natural resources and many people know how to speak the language. It is estimated that there are seventy million people in the whole world that speak the language and the majority of it resides in the country. The Turkish language is the official language of the country and is strictly implemented or used in teaching in schools.

The Turkish alphabet has similarities to the English alphabet as there are letters also but they have their own unique alphabet that is not found in English. But it is very different when you listen to the language being spoken. You cannot guess it right away and you would not be able to if you did not listen to it before. A life insurance gives a big help to people who are in need of care and assistance in their life. By the service and benefits that guarantees by 長照花費 insurance company, you will feel special. They take good care of you as you trust them also, by the way their company site is written in Asian character as what you see.

Europe second language: The top 4 languages studied in Europe

Many people nowadays are learning another language in addition to their own language because of many benefits it can give. It can enhance your career and open opportunities. An example is that you can work as an interpreter or translator when you know a language. You can even teach it where people wants to learn it too. You can also use it in your workplace if you will go to work in the place where they use that language. There are many possibilities so many take chances.

You can see the influence of the English language. Most of the other countries choose to learn English first before other languages. As English is the universal language so it is no doubt that it is very useful as not just for personal but for your career and the trade of different countries and also political aspect is affected. The second language that other countries in Europe learn is French. It has some value and elegance that makes it attractive so people wants to learn them. Other reasons are same with learning the English language.

It also shows in the infographic the information that most of the working male adults know a foreign language. It is a trend that will not stop soon but maybe we can see more of it spreading in most of the countries. You may want to learn a foreign language now also in preparation for the future if you also want to be able to compete. The world of business today are mostly uses online marketing services to promote their products and services. To know more about the tactics in promoting your business online, read here This is the in demand strategy that most business wants to be professional with it.

English Teacher Secrets

Teacher are nice people. Most teachers want to help their students that’s why they make the class lively. What are the secrets in order to become a brilliant English teacher? Why they are doing certain activities and most of what teachers do in class is not for you but for them. The reason is they try to make their own jobs easier. In fact, you have to use a piece of paper because you need to written down so many that you should remember.

It is important to be passionate about your subject. If you can show that you are passionate, that passion that you have can be used to communicate to your students. It’s important to show the uses of English whether it be to go on to a career in journalism or marketing and obviously it’s important to have knowledge of your subject of English and be up to date. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything and the more you are willing to learn from your students the more willing  they are going to be let. They are willingly going to learn from you.

You can encourage mistakes because mistakes are a great way starting point from which is to learn. Be professional and be creative. Find as many different ways to approach the subject and keep it fresh and interesting. Show your students how to study English effectively. Teaching them the devices and tools that they need whether it be literary devices or different ways for them to know how to analyze English language and writing is important to set appropriate targets and goals.

The 15 reasons why you should learn a second language

There are many reasons that can be given why a person should learn another language. Since we learn how to talk, we learn our own language and we come to speak it. In school, we also learn what is our official language as it is the one that is widely used as a medium of teaching. Before we learn to read and write, we first learn how to speak. Naturally, babies learn to speak what their parents or those who care for them speak. Let us learn what is the importance of learning a second language.

The video gives the many benefits of learning a second language. It is not just for yourself but for understanding others and learning to communicate with them. When you travel to another country, you come to be able to use and speak your second language if it is their official language. If you want to study abroad then it is goo if you already learn their language in advance so you would be able to adjust faster. You can also gain higher potential of landing a job especially in big companies who have branches in other countries.

You can also use it as your first step to learning another language. They say you can learn more easily another language if you have already learned one. When you learn also a second language you can be able to understand their culture and much more about them. you can even watch movies from that country. The best food serving can be experience in this restaurant known in Asia. You can visit their website and look for their delicious food menu here, – 推薦. I forgot to mention, their website is in Asian character.

Why Company Should Speak English

Companies should have a common language to be use, and that is English. What is the benefit for companies of having a common language?

Well, companies need a language strategy, especially if they have any type of global aspiration when you have an employee base that spread across the world, across geographies, across national boundaries, you need to find a way to get them to communicate and how do you do that if you don’t have some form of language strategy or common language. What’s happening to today is that companies are very quickly starting to adopt English as a common language. They’re doing that in order to serve customer s, in order to have better partner relationships and their competitors are doing it as well.

You should have made the case that English should be the common language. English is actually the common language of business today and so when talk about language strategy oftentimes. It is interchangeable with the English language and it became the massive head being embedded around the world. Companies with a global strategy need a language strategy. Anytime you are extending beyond your domestic place and you are interacting with people, with different language backgrounds, then you need a language strategy if a company is focused domestically.

It becomes less important but what company finding is customers are getting spread around the world. Language strategy seems like the kind of thing that could rub people the wrong way if they have a strong sense of cultural identity and you are asking them to learn another language for their job that seems like sensitive issue. That is exactly one of the reason that companies need to be very thoughtful. Determining their language strategy is also implementing it because this is one of the toughest most radical things a company can ask their employees to change a language.