English Writing Skills

Writing is very important part of communication skills. I’m sure that many of us are good at writing or wants to become a writer, but what are the tips in order to improve yourself more? This doesn’t have to do when you write a letter to your friends. We’re talking specifically about formal writing, maybe business writing or academic writing. So what are the tips in order to write a better English grammar?

Way on how to improve writing is do not use contractions. Again, this is for academic writing. What is a contraction? Examples are don’t, can’t, couldn’t, isn’t and haven’t. ┬áIt’s the short form of two words put together into one. For example don’t is the contraction of do not. It’s better to actually write out the word in full in academic and formal business writing. Also, avoid putting the word there is or there are in your sentence. The reason is we should write our own ideas into a clear and concise. You should not write it into a long sentence just to point out your idea, but just be on a short sentence and direct to the point.

Don’t use the words really, very and a lot also in your academic and business writing. These words makes your sentence weak. Remember when you write your sentence you should use stronger words to become more formal. When it comes to academic writing, it’s okay to use passive but you should use it in a normal way and don’t go beyond the limit. For most university writing, we use the active voice. Passive voice is sort of weak and a little bit awkward. It is much better if you use active voice for a strong sentence. Lastly, when you write academically in your school use strong verbs in order to make your sentence more catchy and understandable.