Teaching English in Turkish

Turkey is a good place where you can really feel good experiences. If you’re going to teach in Turkey, you really need to know what you’re going and make sure that you know who you’re talking to and you know the program and everything is correct. Like the payment, the work arm-waving, stay if they’re going to provide food if they gonna eat in your place to stay and just clear everything before you go. Make sure you really lay down like what’s going to happen, because¬†Turkish people can be a little bit tricky.

In teaching English in Turkish, you should focus on the positive side first. One of favorite things about teaching ESL is watching from different parts of the world. You really get to know each other. For example during class and there are two students one is from Saudi Arabia and the other student is from Switzerland. Even though they come from such different backgrounds in such different belief systems they’re really able to become friends and share and get to know each other over their love for learning English.

These are the things that you should consider in learning English to study a lot of summer because there was a difficult thing but actually it helps you to enhance your native English since weeds and restaurant. It helps you how to be polite to the people so this was so difficult to some of students. The most popular program is definitely the ESL program, where students have the chance to study two hours of grammar and writing one hour of listening and speaking and one hour of reading. ESL teachers do their best for us to take care their students to learn more and become a good English speaking people.